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Construction Management Curriculum

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply the fundamentals of business and management including accounting, finance, economics, business regulation, and contract law.
  2. Apply knowledge of construction materials and methods including products, systems, and interface issues related to job site organization and the selection of assembly techniques and equipment.
  3. Interpret construction documents (blueprints and specifications) in order to perform such activities as quantity take-offs, cost estimates, quality control, and site layout.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of design fundamentals and associated mathematics in order to communicate with design professionals (architects and engineers), contribute to the planning phase of design-build projects, and solve practical construction problems.
  5. Interpret OSHA and other appropriate safety standards and develop/execute a construction safety plan that conforms to mandatory procedures, training, and record keeping requirements.
  6. Prepare a project bid that includes quantity takeoffs, labor and equipment productivity factors, pricing based on historical costs, and overhead and profit.
  7. Develop, and be able to revise, an effective project plan and schedule that includes network diagramming, critical path, and resource allocation.
  8. Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts, roles, responsibilities, and procedures of project management and apply to ethics, project delivery systems, administrative systems and procedures, cost and time control.
  9. Utilize industry-accepted software for project management, planning and scheduling, estimating, and design.

Major Curriculum

A Bachelor of Science degree at Illinois State requires a minimum of 120 credit hours. Of these total hours, the Construction Management major requires 91 credit hours of course work. The major hours are divided into four areas: General Education, Construction Management Core, Construction Management Electives, and Management Core courses. To learn more about each course, the prerequisites, and any additional degree requirements, please review the Illinois State University Catalog. The following information is for those students who are in the 2016 - 2017 catalog.

For further information, you can:

General Education Courses - Required

  • CHE 102 Chemistry and Society
  • MAT 120 Finite Mathematics
  • MQM 100 Statistical Reasoning
  • PHY 105 Fundamentals of Physics
  • PSY 110 Fundamentals of Psychology

Construction Management Core - Required

  • TEC 100 Professional Development in Technology
  • TEC 117 Construction Graphics
  • TEC 120 Introduction to Building Construction
  • TEC 121 Construction Methods
  • TEC 123 Construction Documents & Quantity Takeoff
  • TEC 217 Building Information Modeling
  • TEC 222 Mechanical & Electrical Systems for Buildings
  • TEC 223 Field Engineering
  • TEC 224 Soils & Foundations
  • TEC 226 Construction Contracts and Law
  • TEC 229 Cost Estimating & Project Planning
  • TEC 270 Managing Technological Systems
  • TEC 292 Construction Materials Technology
  • TEC 313 Quality Systems for Technology
  • TEC 325 Computerized Estimating & Scheduling
  • TEC 326 Construction Finance and Accounting
  • TEC 327 Design of Building Structures
  • TEC 394 Construction Management and Administration
  • HSC 272 Construction Safety

Construction Management Electives - 5 Hours Required

  • TEC 111 Fundamentals of Power Technology
  • TEC 225 Construction Equipment Management
  • TEC 240 Electric Circuits and Machines
  • TEC 322 Building Codes and Inspection
  • TEC 328 Residential Development
  • TEC 329 Sustainable Buildings & Urban Development
  • TEC 398 Professional Practice

Management Core - Required

  • ACC 131 Financial Accounting
  • ECO 105 Principles of Economics
  • FIL 185 Legal, Ethical and Social Environment of Business
  • MKT 230 Introduction to Marketing Management

Internship or 800 Hours Work Experience

Students in the Construction Management major are required to complete 800 hours of work experience. To satisfy this requirement, students may complete an internship, (TEC 398 Professional Practice), and/or complete and document a minimum of 800 hours of construction management work experience. This must be done prior to enrolling in the senior capstone course, (TEC 394) Construction Management and Administration.

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