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Engineering Technology Career Opportunities

Description of the Major

Engineering Technology (ET) at ISU is an applied program that allows students to explore the integration of engineering principles and modern technology. The courses in ET focus on the management of people, processes, and materials through hands-on, application-oriented activities. As a result, our students are well equipped to become project managers after they graduate.

Our students learn in three integrated ways. First, students learn by exploring theory, internalizing ideas necessary to succeed in the field. Then they learn by practice, familiarizing themselves with the processes needed to complete tasks. Finally, they learn by doing, using our modern facilities to gain hands-on experience with the equipment and processes they will be dealing with in their future careers.

The mission of the ET program is to prepare technically-oriented managerial professionals and leaders for business, industry, government, and education by articulating and integrating student experiences and core competencies in engineering technology.

Skills & Knowledge Developed in this Field of Study

In general, the first two years at ISU are designed to provide you with the foundation of critical thinking skills necessary for a successful career. You take courses in the liberal arts, mathematics, and the physical sciences. Your junior and senior years are focused on the technical and managerial aspects of engineering technology including materials, advanced processing (metals and plastics), automation (programmable controllers and robotics), quality control, process planning, and project management.

Engineering Technology graduates perform many of the same jobs as mechanical engineers who are closely involved with production facilities. For example, as a product or process engineer, an engineering technology graduate may be responsible to select the appropriate engineering process or to design a production system to product high quality products at competitive prices. As a project engineer, he or she may be responsible to coordinate new product development and the implementation of new production equipment.

Employment Opportunities

Career Titles

Graduates of the engineering technology program are actively recruited for leadership roles. Initial placement positions include the following:

  • Project Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer

Employers Who Have Hired Our Graduates

  • ABB
  • CAMtek, Inc.
  • Caterpillar, Inc.
  • Capsonic, Inc.
  • Continental Plastic Containers, Inc.
  • Crane Kemlite
  • Custom Aluminum Products, Inc.
  • Eaton Cutler-Hammer
  • Enercon Engineering, Inc.
  • G E Plastics
  • Genesis Systems Group
  • Hoffer Plastics Corp.
  • Hydro-Gear
  • ITW, Inc.
  • IVP, Inc.
  • Jeld Wen
  • MacNeil Automotive Products, Inc.
  • Mattix Design, Inc.
  • Mitsubishi Motor Mfg. of America, Inc.
  • Montaplast of North America
  • Nestle USA
  • Panduit Corp.
  • Plastipak Packaging, Inc.
  • Renishaw, Inc.
  • Ring Container Technologies
  • Scholle Corp.
  • Siemens
  • Supply Chain Services International

Salary Statistics

The starting salary range from the previous year was $40,000 and $60,000.
Salary data is compiled from alumni surveys and graduate exit surveys. The salary range reported is dependent upon location and does not reflect the entire compensation package offered.

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