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Graduate Programs and Certificates

The Department of Technology offers two related but separate types of graduate programs:

  • Master of Science program: The degree program includes four sequences, Project Management, Quality Management and Analytics, STEM Education and Leadership, and Training and Development.
  • Graduate Certificate program: Students may receive certificates in Project Management, Quality Management and Analytics, STEM Education and Leadership, or Training and Development independently or concurrently with a Master of Science degree from the department. Each certificate program contains 3 courses (nine hours).

The department graduates are prepared for entry or advancement in such careers as the following:

  • Project manager
  • Project planner
  • Project scheduler
  • Quality manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Technical trainers
  • Middle, High School, and Community College Educators 
  • Instructional designers

The combination of research, communication and leadership skills, and technical expertise have made the department's graduates highly sought after.

  • Learn more about our graduate faculty, who have a diverse range of research interests.

Graduate Assistantships

Students must be admitted to a graduate degree program and enrolled as a full-time student to be considered for an assistantship. Interested individuals must apply on-line using Illinois State's Employment System.

All graduate assistants receive a complete tuition waiver, including out-of-state tuition, and a monthly stipend. Once you have been accepted as a graduate student to the Department of Technology, the Graduate Advisor, Dr. Klaus Schmidt, will work with you to determine a plan of study.

Tuition Waivers

Qualified students may apply for partial graduate tuition waivers in the Department of Technology. The deadline for the Fall semester is August 1 and for the Spring semester is January 1.

For application forms, please contact the Department of Technology.

Graduate Advisement

Dr. Klaus Schmidt
Phone: (309) 438-3661
Location: 215 Turner Hall
Email: Klaus.Schmidt@ilstu.edu

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