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Advisor Appointment Information

We are located in Turner Hall, room 215. If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, please call and we will be happy to remove your name from the schedule and you can reschedule at another date.

Current Illinois State Graduates

On Campus

Off Campus

  • If you are currently using a computer off campus, then you must access the scheduling system through the ISU VPN client.  To connect to the ISU network using the VPN client, follow the steps below:
    1. Make sure you have downloaded VPN Client.  If you have not please go to ISU's help desk page and look up VPN and follow the instructions to download and install. (If you are unfamiliar with VPN please go out to ISU's website, Campus A-Z, look up H Help Desk, search for VPN; download it; then make it an icon on your computer.)
    2. Once loaded and you have it as an icon on your computer, click on VPN.  It will open and in the left hand corner is the word "Connect," click on it, and another smaller web page will open and ask for your ULID and password. Now you are in using VPN. Your screen will not look any different.
    3. Then go to the Technology Department website www.tec.illinoisstate.edu, click on the Advisor Appointment Link on the right hand side and you should be able to click the link to the appointment system.
    4. If this does not work please access the Appointment System while you are on-campus.

Students Accepted to Illinois State

If you have recently been accepted to Illinois State, but have not yet attended classes, please contact Dr. Klaus Schmidt, Graduate Advisor at 309-438-3661 or kschmid@ilstu.edu for further assistance and/or to set up an appointment.

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