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Project Management

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to a broad range of activities large or small in order to meet the requirements of the particular project or temporary endeavor.  

Project management is viewed as a generalized skill set that is sought after in both private industry and government agencies alike.  

The graduate project management courses in the Department of Technology are designed to prepare technical professionals for entry into the fast growing ranks of project manager.  This sequence is intended to help the technical manager begin to understand the processes and knowledge areas that are common to all projects.  

Core Classes

All technology master's students must take these classes:

  • TEC 445 - Statistics in Applied Science and Technology - Spring/Fall
  • TEC 497 - Introduction to Research Methodology - Spring/Fall

Project Management Course Offerings

These are not preparation courses for the PMP or CAPM examinations.  Each will provide more than 40 contact hours of basic education on project management related concepts, tools, techniques and methodologies.  To assure that state-of-the-art practices are introduced, the Project Management Body of Knowledge was the basis for selecting content to be included in these introductory courses.

  • TEC 430 Project Leadership - Fall, Spring
  • TEC 431 Project Initiation and Planning - Fall, Spring
  • TEC 432 Project implementation and Control - Fall, Spring

Degree Options

Thesis Option

A total of 30 hours is required to complete the degree, including the theses. After completing the required courses, a student choosing the thesis option will need to complete an additional 9 hours of electives.

Comprehensive Exam Option

A total of 33 hours is required to complete the exam option. After completing the required courses, a student choosing the comprehensive exam option will need to complete an additional 9 hours of electives, and 9 hours in a concentration of conceptually connected  coursework before taking the Comprehensive Examination.

Elective Hours

Elective hours must be from 300 graduate-level or 400-level courses and may include no more than 9 hours combined from TEC 400 Independent Study (6 hours of TEC 400 is the maximum), and TEC 498 Professional Practice.

Grade Point Average

In order to be awarded the diploma the student must have a 3.0 or higher GPA in their program of study.

Time Limitations

All requirements for the graduate degree must be completed within six calendar years beginning with the date the student first registers as a graduate level student.


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