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STEM Education and Leadership

The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education and Leadership program prepares graduates to advance as teacher leaders in the educational setting. This program is the first graduate-level STEM education and leadership program in Illinois. Moreover, nearly ten years of research and implementation throughout Illinois has gone into the development of this program, including a four-year, $1,000,000 federal/state grant.

As STEM education becomes a greater focus for an increasing number of schools and teachers, it becomes clearer that there is a need to better define what is meant by the term STEM education. STEM education has been defined as "a standards-based, meta-discipline residing at the school level where all teachers, especially science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teachers, teach an integrated approach to teaching and learning, where discipline-specific content is not divided, but addressed and treated as one dynamic, fluid study"(Merrill, 2009).

While the STEM Education and Leadership sequence is not a teacher certification program, coursework may be used for endorsement purposes. Certified teachers pursue the degree for professional development or for coursework toward an additional endorsement. Non-certified teachers also may pursue the master's in conjunction with other courses required for teacher certification.

All graduate students must complete core classes, required classes, and electives (depending on their degree option).

Core Classes

All technology master's students must take these classes:

  • TEC 445 - Statistics in Applied Science and Technology - Fall/Spring
  • TEC 497 - Introduction to Research Methodology - Fall/Spring

STEM Education and Leadership Core Classes

  • TEC 310 - STEM Education Foundations - Summer
  • TEC 423 - STEM Education Learning Theories - Summer
  • TEC 424 - STEM Education Integrated Curriculum - Fall
  • TEC 425 - STEM Education Leadership - Spring

For complete catalog descriptions please look at the graduate catalog http://illinoisstate.edu/catalog/pdf/grad.pdf

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