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Career Opportunities

Description of the Major

Renewable Energy is a major component of the Green & Clean economy that employs approximately 2.7 million workers across a diverse group of industries in the United States. Job titles in the field of Renewable Energy range from wind farm control center operator to solar sales marketing coordinator.

Information on Renewable Energy scholarships can be found at Midwest Renewable Energy Association and on the solar energy organization web pages.

For more information on renewable energy and clean careers, please see the following sources.

Salary Statistics

The typical starting salary as reported in the alumni follow up surveys is between $35,000 and $55,000.
Salary data is compiled from alumni surveys and graduate exit surveys. The salary range reported is dependent upon location and does not reflect the entire compensation package offered.

Employment Opportunities

This program is designed to prepare students for employment opportunities across a variety of industries including solar, wind, biofuels as well as jobs in regulatory and government agencies. Students are encouraged to complete two internships in their field of study. These experiences are great resume builders and often lead to jobs in the industry.

Graduates of the Renewable Energy program are actively recruited for leadership roles. Initial placement positions include the following:

Career Titles

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Assistant Wind Engineer
  • Control Center Operator
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Energy Analyst
  • Energy Auditing Specialist
  • Energy Management PSM
  • Facility Technician
  • Field Manager, Solar Installation
  • Initial Site Assessor
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • PI Administrator
  • Office Administrator
  • Power Marketer
  • Program Coordinator
  • Project Analyst
  • SCADA Administrator (system management)
  • Settlement Analyst
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Site Manager
  • System Engineer
  • Waste Research Specialist
  • Wind Technologist

Employers Who Have Hired Our Graduates

  • ADM-Nebraska
  • Ameren
  • American Wind Energy Management
  • Blue Northern Energy (biodiesel)
  • Catepillar Inc.
  • DTE Biomass
  • IL Sustainable Technology Center
  • Illinois Green Business Association
  • Incobrasa Industries
  • Invenergy
  • Nexant Emerson
  • Next Era
  • NextGrid
  • REC Solar
  • Rosvik Power Systems
  • SECAD (Smart Energy Design Assistance Center)
  • Solar City-Colorado
  • Straight Up Solar
  • Suzlon
  • Transocean

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