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Renewable Energy Curriculum

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the physical laws and resources that constrain our energy systems.
  2. Define the operation of renewable energy systems in terms of basic electrical and physical principles.
  3. Apply basic business, economic, and technical management principles in a variety of technical and non-technical contexts.
  4. Explain and defend a personal position on energy / political / social issues.
  5. Design residential and commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) systems using renewable energy software.
  6. Analyze wind data using professional software.
  7. Optimize renewable energy business decision-making.
  8. Develop a business case for a commercial renewable energy project.

The curriculum was reviewed by renewable energy experts and potential employers who comprise the program advisory committee to ensure that its scope and depth will result in graduates that are highly trained and knowledgeable.

Major Curriculum

The Renewable Energy major requires students to complete 58 hours. These hours are divided into four sections: General Education, Renewable Energy Core, Renewable Energy Electives and a Minor.  Students will develop expertise in an interdisciplinary core of subjects fundamental to renewable energy as well as more in-depth studies in a related minor. To learn more about each course, the prerequisites, and any additional degree requirements, we suggest going to the Illinois State University Catalog. The following information is for those students who are in the 2016-2017 catalog.

For further information, you can:

General Education Courses - Required

  • CHE 102 Chemistry and Society
  • HSC 156 Envinronmental Health
  • MAT 120 Finite Mathematics
  • MQM 100 Statistical Reasoning
  • PHY 105 Fundamentals of Physics
  • PHY 207 Energy and The Environment
  • PSY 110 Fundamentals of Psychology

Renewable Energy Core - Required

  • AGR 225 Renewable Energy and Agriculture
  • ECO 105 Principles of Economics
  • ECO 236 Economics of Energy and Public Policy
  • GEO 211 Earths Dynamic Weather
  • TEC 100 Professional Development in Technology
  • TEC 111 Fundamentals of Power Technology
  • TEC 160 Introduction to Renewable Energy Systems
  • TEC 258 Renewable Energy Technology Applications
  • TEC 259 Power Generation: Production, Conversion and Storage
  • TEC 260 Research and Analytical Tools in Renewable Energy
  • TEC 262 Energy Planning and Management from Buildings to Communities
  • TEC 270 Managing Technological Systems
  • TEC 360 Renewable Energy Capstone

Renewable Energy Electives  - 3 hours required 

  • TEC 116 Introduction to Technical Drawing and Constraint Based Solid Modeling
  • TEC 117 Construction Graphics
  • TEC 217 Building Information Modeling
  • TEC 320 Project Management
  • TEC 370 Supply Chain Logistics
  • TEC 398.02 Internship
  • FIL 185 Legal Environment of Business
  • SOC 330 Society and Environment

Students will be required to choose a minor from the following: 

  • Business Administration
  • Business Environment and Sustainability
  • Economics
  • Environmental Studies
  • Geography
  • Technology

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