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Professional & Student Organizations

Professional Organizations

  • The Center for Renewable Energy at Illinois State University has three major functional areas:
    • To enhance the renewable energy major at Illinois State University
    • To serve the Illinois renewable energy community by providing information to the public
    • To encourage applied research on renewable energy at Illinois State University, both independently and through collaborations with other universities.

Student Organizations

  • Renewable Energy Society - This group is comprised of students, faculty, and community members who see renewable energy solutions as the key to a sustainable future, a functioning economy, and to elevating our communities and our country to a position of leadership in a global crisis.
  • Green Energy Team - The main goal of the Green Energy Team is to narrow the poverty gap among Americans in our communities by providing them with renewable and sustainable energy alternatives. G.E.T. turns 100% of its profits back to the community by constructing and donating solar heat panels (made mostly from recycled aluminum cans) and solar energy fuel cells to low income families in the Bloomington-Normal area. 
  • Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) is a registered student organization "that works to protect the environment and our future." They strive to educate the campus and the local community about the environmental problems created by modern society.
  • GreenFluence - GreenFluence is group of students interested in green building and green design. For more information contact Dr. Bo Park at bpark@ilstu.edu.

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