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The Department of Technology has several departmental scholarships available every year and students may apply from October 1st until March 1st.

  • Submit your application online Provide all of the information at one time.  Multiple submissions may cause problems with your application.  Please read the information below prior to your submission.

Incoming freshmen, transfer students and current technology students may apply for several competitive scholarships available for each program. Interested students should review the Scholarship Information Page that lists all of the departmental scholarships, requirements, and submission criteria. 

Scholarship Application Help

  1. Make sure you have about one hour to complete the scholarship form. All departmental scholarships utilize the same application form.
  2. Gather/prepare the following information:
    • Review the Scholarship information page (above) to determine eligibility
    • Your UID number, if you are currently attending ISU
    • The high school you attended, your high school class rank, your graduation date.
    • Community colleges you attended, your GPA, your graduation date.
    • Anticipated ISU graduation date, total hours earned, ISU cumulative GPA, your year in school, your major, and program area.
  3. Provide a personal statement of approximately 200 words describing your career goals and your involvement in high school, college, and/or community leadership and service activities.
  4. To complete the form you will need the names of three individuals who will serve as references for you. Please provide the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for all references- then submit the online scholarship form!

There are also a variety of scholarships funded by external agencies. Students can apply for these by applying to the funding agency directly.

Other Information

Recipients will be announced in April or May and will be honored at the department's Fall Scholarship Recognition Reception.

Scholarship funding is a priority of Illinois State University and the Department of Technology. Please be aware that scholarship award amounts are contingent upon the portfolio performance of the ISU Foundation and gifts from the friends and alumni of the Department of Technology. Scholarship yields from the ISU Foundation are dependent upon the economy and market conditions. It is therefore possible that one or more of the listed scholarships will not be funded during this current academic year.

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