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Admission to the Department of Technology


Incoming freshman are admitted through the Admissions Office at Illinois State University. Be sure to indicate your specific area of study when applying.

Transfer Students

Transfer students must first meet admission requirements into the University in order to be considered for admission to the major. The department does reserve the right to maintain a balanced enrollment and may not be able to admit all qualified applicants. More information can be found on the Find Your Major website.

Students interested in transferring to Illinois State University should plan on applying as soon as possible and check the Admissions page for application periods for specific semesters.

Current Illinois State Students

If you are interested in changing your major to one of the areas in the Department of Technology you must:

  1. Be in good academic standing at Illinois State University
  2. Visit Find Your Major and find the area of study that you are interested in for the Middle 50% GPA range. The Middle 50% GPA represents the GPA range of students typically admitted into that particular area of study
  3. Apply online using My Illinois State, Apply to My Major. Applications for all areas will be accepted throughout the semester.
  4. In order to maintain a balanced enrollment, the department may limit the number of students. We may not be able to admit all students who meet the minimum admission requirements.
  5. For more information, please apply and read all information on the introduction pages on the application.
  6. If you are accepted into the major we recommend making an appointment with the Department of Technology Advisor to review your plan of study. Many of our courses are spring/fall only.

The Advisement Office in the Department of Technology welcomes visits from currently enrolled Illinois State students at any time.


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