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Engineering Technology

Illinois State University's Engineering Technology curriculum prepares students for the challenges they may face as they enter into a career in engineering technology and has been successful over the years in accomplishing its mission.

The Engineering Technology program at Illinois State could be considered a hybrid of traditional Industrial Technology and Engineering Technology programs. Industrial Technology is primarily involved with management, operations, and maintenance of complex technical systems. Engineering Technology is involved with design and installation of these systems.

Program Goals

One of the goals of the ET sequence is to prepare professionals capable of managing projects and processes in industrial settings. The integration of the ET curriculum emphasizes the importance of understanding products, materials, processes, part design, tool design, process control, and quality, all of which are key components of project management.

Our students learn in three integrated ways:

  • Theory- Internalizing ideas necessary to succeed in the field.
  • Practice- Familiarizing themselves with the processes needed to complete tasks.
  • Experience- Using our modern facilities to gain experience with the equipment and processes they will be dealing with in their future careers.

The courses in the ET sequence focus on the management of people, processes, and materials through application-oriented activities. As a result, our students are well equipped to become project managers.

Students' learning is supported by the dedicated ET faculty and by using smart classrooms and laboratories with some of the most current instructional technology. The companies that hire engineering technology graduates provide support to the ET program through contributions, student scholarships, and professional activities.

Students graduating from the ET Sequence are highly sought after for careers in regional and national companies.

Undergraduate Advisement

Cathy McKay
Phone: (309) 438-2665
Location: 215 Turner Hall
Email: camckay@ilstu.edu


To prepare technically-oriented managerial professionals and leaders for business, industry, government, and education by articulating and integrating student experiences and core competencies in engineering technology.

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