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Faculty And Staff

The Department of Technology offers six undergraduate programs and four areas of graduate study. Faculty titles and contact information are listed below by program area.

In each of these areas, our faculty and staff are dedicated to preparing individuals to become technology-oriented professionals and leaders in organizations and society. To do this, we are committed to the highest academic standards in teaching, scholarship, public and professional service and the connections we build among them.

Several faculty have received College, University, or external awards for their excellence in teaching, research, and/or service. Our faculty are regular contributors to national and international journals, as well as presenters at state, regional, national, and international conferences. Many of these presentations and publications are the product of cooperative efforts with our students. The latest faculty accomplishment report is listed on the About Us in the Annual Report.

Faculty are also active in advancing technological and economic development for corporations, organizations, and governmental agencies through the Department's Technology Transfer and Corporate Services outreach. Contact the Chair for any additional information.


Dr. Ted Branoff
Professor & Chair
(309) 438-3661


James Evens
Coordinator Computer Technologies
(309) 438-7107

Jennifer Florence
Program Student Advisor
(309) 438-5157

Elizabeth Gerrard
Office Manager
(309) 438-2103

Cathy McKay
Undergraduate Advisor/Assistant to the Chair
(309) 438-2665

Robert Shuman
Senior Laboratory Mechanic
(309) 438-3061

Cindy Wert
Administrative Clerk
(309) 438-2119

Computer Systems Technology

Geoffrey Campbell
Instructional Asst. Professor
(309) 438-8096

Dr. Anu Gokhale
Professor & Coordinator
(309) 438-5576

Construction Management

Dr. Richard Boser
(309) 438-3767

Joseph Cleary
Instructional Asst. Professor
(309) 438-2609

Dr. Euysup Shim
Associate Professor & Coordinator
(309) 438-2986

Dr. Pranshoo Solanki
Assistant Professor
(309) 438-2696

Dr. Sally Xie
Associate Professor
(309) 438-2611

Engineering Technology

Dr. Kevin Devine
Associate Professor & Coordinator
(309) 438-5801

Dr. Mark Laingen
Assistant Professor
(309) 438-2384

Dr. Louis Reifschneider
(309) 438-2621

Jeritt Williams
Instructional Assistant Professor
(309) 438-0199

Graphic Communications

Adam Burke
Instructional Asst. Professor
(309) 438-7708

Dr. Daniel Wilson
Professor & Coordinator
(309) 438-2737

Professional and Management

Dr. Richard Boser
(309) 438-3767

Renewable Energy

Dr. Matt Aldeman
Assistant Professor
(309) 438-0644

Dr. Jin Jo
Associate Professor & Coordinator
(309) 438-7793

Technology and Engineering Education

Dr. Joshua Brown
Associate Professor
(309) 438-5874

Dr. Chris Merrill
Professor & Coordinator
(309) 438-7862

Graduate Program

Dr. Borinara Park
Professor, Quality Management & Analytics
(309) 438-7311

Dr. Klaus Schmidt
Professor & Coordinator
(309) 438-3661

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