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Technology and Engineering Education

The Technology and Engineering Education program at Illinois State University is the largest in Illinois and is recognized as one of the best in the nation.

The curriculum utilizes a broad base of courses in general, technical, and professional education to prepare individuals to teach technology and engineering education at the secondary level.  

Coursework allows emphasis in numerous areas, including engineering design, medical, agricultural and related biotechnologies, energy and power, information and communication, transportation, manufacturing, and construction technologies. The curriculum at Illinois State prepares graduates to provide students with information concerning the development of technology and engineering and its effect on people, the environment, and society.

In addition to receiving a strong technical education, students in this program have extensive field-based opportunities. Practical experience with public school students is continuous throughout the program, culminating in a semester-long supervised teaching experience in a public school.

Technology & Engineering Education at Illinois State University

To continue to be “Nationally Recognized” as an “Outstanding Technology & Engineering Teacher Education Program”, and maintain state and national accreditation , the mission of the Technology & Engineering Education Program at Illinois State University is to prepare the best, most qualified, technology & engineering education teacher for the secondary school .

In order to fulfill this mission, the Technology & Engineering Education Program and its faculty:

  • Provides appropriate and proven pedagogical approaches for the classroom/laboratory;
  • Models suitable and varied instructional strategies for the classroom/laboratory;
  • Adjusts, modifies, and models student knowledge and skill assessment;
  • Stays current and is proactive in technological, pedagogical, curricular, and laboratory advances;
  • Provides educational opportunities for students to better teach in a diverse classroom/laboratory;
  • Provides professional development opportunities for graduates;
  • Continues to recruit and secure talented graduate assistants;
  • Continues to have faculty leaders who are engaged in professional organizations and who serve in leadership capacities;
  • Promotes the scholarship of teaching and learning by conducting research, publishing findings in professional journals, and delivering professional presentations; and
  • Provides leadership and promotes active involvement with student organizations.

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