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Facilities and Equipment

The Computer Systems Technology major strives to maintain facilities and equipment focused upon the introduction of and experimentation with network devices (CCNA) and operating systems (MCSE & Linux). Additional student experiences include database management and programming. Currently, the Computer Systems Technology major utilizes two microcomputer labs, two network security and computer network facilities, and an electronics laboratory.

Hardware/Media Labs

The labs are supported by servers that have Microsoft and Linux operating systems. Students have access to the domain and to shared folders that contain course information and application software, allowing them to conduct research or complete assignments. Shared resources such as printers, plotters, and scanners are also available.

The labs support remote access, including DSL, which enables students to work from home.

Device/Computer Networking Facilities

The network facilities allow students to become familiar with connecting computer systems. Students disassemble and reassemble computer systems and networks, and analyze, construct, or modify electronic circuits and network media.

The networking infrastructure includes 100BaseT and 1000BaseFX. The laboratory facilities offer state-of-the-art networking devices including routers and switches to facilitate student experiential learning.

The laboratory facilities employ the application packages which allows student workstations to convert between Windows and Linux operating systems.


Students use a variety of application software, including office applications, imaging, CAD, telecommunications, and programming languages such as C++, Visual and Java.