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Ryan K. Brown IDEA Scholarship

The primary criteria for the Ryan K. Brown IDEA Scholarship is that the applicant has participated in the Illinois Design Educators Association (IDEA) annual Drafting and Design Competition, either at the regional or state level. Deadline for application to be considered for the fall semester is May 15 each year.

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This scholarship was implemented in part as an expression of appreciation to Dr. Ryan K. Brown, faculty member at Illinois State University, who served the IDEA in many ways and for many years, continuing yet today. His record of service includes an on-going membership on the IDEA board, with duties that include hosting the fall conference Thursday program and workshops, and hosting the state drafting and design competition at Illinois State University. As well, the IDEA competition engages over 1,000 students in competition problems, many of which have been developed by Dr. Brown for the past several years.

The IDEA exists to:

  • Provide an opportunity for an interchange of ideas
  • Provide an opportunity for promoting good professional fellowship
  • Foster a closer and better relationship between instructor and student
  • Provide an opportunity to acquaint the members with modern techniques, processes, material, and equipment in the various fields of technical graphics
  • Keep the channels of communication open with local school boards, the state legislature, and other technology and engineering education organizations and pertinent industry, in order to maintain a positive climate for the continuance of viable, job producing technical education for Illinois students at all levels of instruction
  • Provide opportunities for drafting and design students in Illinois to be recognized for their success.

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