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Computer Systems

Computer Systems Technology focuses on preparing students with the knowledge, communication skills, and management ability to interface with computer industry professionals in a variety of industrial and business settings.

Positions are available in network management, technical support/sales, software support/training, applications design, Web development, systems design, computer interfacing, and applications programming.

Why Study Computer Systems Technology?

The Computer Systems Technology program of study provides a strong background in computer/device networking, electronic communications, web development, information processing, agile project management, and other computer industry related latest technologies emulated in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. The program comprises diverse coursework that emphasizes network configuration and security, operating system administration, virtualization, applications programming, database administration, and technical management. An experiential learning environment provides opportunities to earn IT technical and professional certifications. The goal of the program is to prepare technology professionals for managing computer systems and developing applications in a collaborative project-focused setting.

All of the following courses are required of students graduating from the Computer Systems Technology sequence. We enable our graduates with the ability to integrate the knowledge of these four areas of instruction.

Network Connectivity and Management

  • TEC 243 Computer Networking Systems
  • TEC 383 Telecommunications Technology

Programming and Software Applications Development

  • TEC 151 Introduction to Computer Systems Technology
  • TEC 245 Applications of Operating Systems
  • TEC 319 Graphical Software Interfaces

Hardware /Media Interfacing

  • TEC 143 Introduction to Electronics for Data Communication
  • TEC 244 Digital Electronics
  • TEC 284 Technical Computer Applications

Communication System Management

  • TEC 283 Information and Imaging Technologies
  • TEC 348 Selected Topics in Computer Systems Technology
  • TEC 390 Computer Systems Applications

In addition to these TEC core courses, 9 hours of elective study are included in the program to allow students to delve deeper into computer systems areas of their choice and develop expertise and specializatin in that field.

Undergraduate Advisement

Cathy McKay
Phone: (309) 438-2665
Location: 215 Turner Hall
Email: camckay@ilstu.edu

Accredited by:

The Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE)

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